Armour Sisal Rug

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Armour 100% Sisal

Armour is our lightest colour sisal rug and has a neutral, beige colour, which will perfectly compliment any room you put it in. It's sleek texture and tight weave enable chairs to easily glide over the surface. 

Compared to our other warmer coloured sisal rugs, Armour has a cool-blonde tone.

It has the same size and style of weave as our Cyclone rug, which creates a soft feel and a premium look.


- Tiger eye style weave

- 1.5 cm size of each knot

- 1 cm thickness with binding

- 1.85 cm thickness with underlay

3 finish options:

   - 3 cm wide black cotton binding with latex backing

   - 3 cm wide natural jute binding with latex backing

   - Folded edges with underfelt backing

 For more information on these rug finishes, check out our Style page 

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