A Natural Rugs seagrass floor rug is styled with an organic coffee table and black leather sofa. Available in various sizes (including runners) or custom sizing.
Bahama Seagrass Rug
Bahama Seagrass Rug
Natural Rugs seagrass floor runner, styled in a white bathroom with green accents. Available in various sizes (including floor rugs) and custom sizing.
Bahama Seagrass Rug

Bahama Seagrass Rug

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Bahama 100% Seagrass

Our Bahama rug is the perfect rug for anyone inspiring to have a British colonial look, and is great for beach houses, high traffic areas, bathrooms and commercial hubs. It looks fabulous styled with eclectic prints, indoor plants and Victorian pieces. Of course it also looks fabulous pared-back with a more neutral style.  

Seagrass has a ‘waxy coat’ and although allowing water molecules to enter, dyes and other stains have difficultly penetrating. Its a great product for high transit areas and is washable.


- 4x4 style basket weave

- 1 cm size of each knot

- 1 cm thickness with binding

- 1.6 cm thickness with underlay

Finish options:

    - 3 cm wide black cotton binding with latex backing

   - 3 cm wide natural jute binding with latex backing

   - Folded edges with underfelt backing

For more information check out our rug finishes page