Jute Squares Rug
Jute Squares Rug
Jute Squares Rug
Jute Squares Rug

Jute Squares Rug

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Oh snap! We have a 6-month waiting list for our jute squares. Please email us for further information.

Jute Squares  100% Jute

Our Jute Squares have a textural pattern that is so interesting and the beautiful hand-made craftmanship from our GoodWeave licensed supplier really shines through. Lengths of golden-coloured jute are hand-braided and then stitched together in a square shape.

Jute Squares are EXCLUSIVE to Natural Rugs, meaning you won't find it anywhere else in Australia. 

This is a limited edition product with very limited stock. Place your order ASAP to avoid disappointment, 

For custom sizes - each square is 50cm, so the rug needs to be in size increments of 50cm e.g. 1m x 1.5m etc. 

Samples not available on this product due to our very limited stock.



- Hand braided, stitched jute

- 50cm size squares 

- 1 cm thickness with binding 

2 finish options:

    - 3 cm wide black cotton binding with latex backing

   - 3 cm wide natural jute binding with latex backing

Folded edge with underlay not offered on this product due to its production method

For more information check out our Rug Finishes page