Cleaning kits

Cleaning kits

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Envirodri Pro 40 Microsponges is one of the most advanced dry carpet cleaning powders on the market today. 

Made from natural, sponge-like cellulose fibres these microsponges have been moistened with just the right amount of cleaning ingredients to dissolve and remove dirt and grime from carpet fibres.


This dry carpet cleaning powder has been designed to attract and absorb dirt and soiling from all carpet types. 

Millions of tiny 'sponge' like granules have been enhanced with a specialised blend of cleaning agents to provide optimum cleaning power. Once brushed into carpets and rugs the product gets to work absorbing odours and dirt deep within carpet pile. It is then simply vacuumed away to leave behind cleaner, fresher and newer looking carpets. 

Benefits of Using Envirodri Microsponges 

No downtime or need to close off sections of flooring

With almost no drying time required using this product to clean and maintain carpets means that a carpet clean can be carried out at any time of day to include a full room clean through to small areas to tackle accidents and spillages as soon as they happen. 

No sticky residues or risk of water damage

This dry carpet cleaning powder is packed with a controlled and precise amount of detergent to break down and remove a wide range of soils and odours without the need for excess water, rinsing or extracting. 

Controlled cleaning meaning all risks are eliminated

A carpet cleaning solution that doesn't use litres of water and detergents means the risks associated with shrinking, colour-running, mildew and mould are eliminated. 

A dry carpet cleaning powder suitable for all carpets

Envirodri PRO40 Microsponges are suitable for use on all types of carpet including wool, sisal and coir and carry the Woolsafe and CleanSeal Approved mark. 

CleanSeal approved  Woolsafe approved 

CleanSeal and WoolSafe approved. Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder has been independently tested and certified to meet the highest standards of performance, quality and safety.