Top Five Wool Rugs for Living and Family Rooms

Similar to wool carpet, a wool rug is ideal for family and living areas because of its durability, natural stain resistance and beautiful, soft texture. Our range of wool rugs are made from plush New Zealand wool and jute which creates a luxuriously soft rug with a rustic aesthetic.

Natural Rugs Cloudy Beach Wool and Jute Rug

  1. Cloudy Beach

The newest wool rug to be added to the range, our Cloudy Beach has the highest jute to wool ratio in the collection, lending a more casual style. The natural golden hues of the jute really shine through, offsetting the creamy white and grey tones of the wool nicely. With its natural stain resistance, our Cloudy beach wool rug is perfect for high traffic living areas where pets, kids and life can go awry!

Natural Rugs Lilas Wool and Jute Rug

  1. Lilas

The thickest and most luxurious of our wool rugs, the Lilas rugs and runners are the epitome of laid-back luxury and are crafted from a creamy white and grey wool, entwined with a light brown, silvery jute. Due to wool’s natural lanolin coating, even the lighter tones of the Lilas rugs are easy to clean and maintain as dirt cannot easily penetrate the rugs material.

Natural Rugs Arctic Stone Wool and Jute Rug

  1. Arctic Stone

For a decadent, luxurious experience, our Arctic Stone wool rug features thick, cream wool which has been intertwined with a dark grey jute that is perfect for accentuating black, white and grey interiors. With naturally hypoallergenic properties, wool rugs and runners are perfect for keeping dust and dirt out of the air and ideal for houses with pets.

Natural Rugs Orantan Wool and Jute Rug

  1. Orantan

Crafted to highlight the warm, neutral tones of the intertwined jute, our Orantan rug is the closest you can find to wool carpet with its tight knots and low profile. Wool’s natural insulation properties help regulate room temperature’s, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Natural Rugs Coastal Grey Wool and Jute Rug

  1. Coastal Grey

The darker sister of our Orantan rug, the beautiful flecks of grey and black throughout the Coastal Grey wool rug are reminiscent of granite sandy beaches and dark stormy seas. With its tight knots and low profile, our Coastal Grey is similar to wool carpet in its resilience to foot traffic and compression through wool’s natural texture.