How to style our new range | with Rachel Leppinus


Rachel Leppinus is a talented interior and editorial stylist based in Adelaide. She studied furniture design at RMIT and has been styling for over a decade.

It was a delight to work with her on our latest range and see how she paired contemporary, minimalist pieces with our rugs. 

In our latest blog, Rachel imparts her wisdom and provides useful tips on styling our latest wool jute range. Love your work Rachel! 


Create a space that connects nature, with the Nevada rug

Bringing characteristics of the natural world indoors creates a sense of comfort and sanctuary at home, allowing us to slow down from our busy lifestyles. There's a real focus on sustainable design with the use of honest materials and well crafted pieces so when it comes to selecting a rug, jute and wool fit the brief. 
The Nevada rug has a warm and earthy palette, perfect for building layers of furniture and accents that look towards natural materials such as bamboo, aged leather, metals, stone and cork.
My advice is always go as large as you possibly can with a rug. This will define the space and anchor the furniture - especially the sofa which should have enough room to sit comfortably on top. 
When selecting pieces don't shy away from reclaimed materials and mixing dark and light timbers ie. the Onu floor light in oak by Sabu Studio paired with the Wobbly coffee table in walnut from Remmington matters. Incorporate tactile, raw and organic objects such as the aluminum incense burner from Studio Henry Wilson and finish with plants.
The art of minimalist styling with the Aspen rug
Creating a minimalist interior requires a certain amount of restraint. You don't want the space to feel over decorated or at the same time so bare it lacks interest. 
The key is to pare back to essential pieces that you love and ensure the scale of your furniture fits the room correctly. I like to start with flooring and work my way up. I recommend using a large rug like the Aspen, which has a neutral mix of jute and wool, making it incredibly versatile and easy to style. 
Minimalist interiors are about considered pieces so don't subscribe to one style or be afraid to use bold choices.  You can still push the boundaries mixing vintage and contemporary,  like the use of 70's timber dining chairs with a modern table ie. Gubi's Daumiller armchairs from Estilo Furniture
Finish with a few expressive details such as a sculptural side table or stand alone vase with an interesting silhouette. I love discovering and working with local creatives and both Schapes and Billies by Shstoneware,  have beautiful bespoke ceramics that play on organic shapes.
Create a stylish bedroom with the Osprey rug
I love experimenting with combinations of colours, textures and lighting in bedrooms so the Osprey wool rug is a perfect base with its layers of wool and jute. You want your bedroom to feel relaxing but that doesn't mean you need to be scared of colour or mismatching furniture either - steer clear of bedroom suites and embrace side tables that aren't an obvious choice like the HC28 Bold side table from Domo
The cool grey tones of the osprey will add texture and depth to your space without feeling overwhelming so you can build colour in your bedding, wall or curtain selections. My advice is don't stick to colours that are trending; instead opt for longevity like floor to ceiling curtains in earthy hues or a smokey grey. 
Good quality linen is also a must and I love playing with different tones of the same colour aka "colour drenching"... think powder blue sheets with an indigo quilt cover and top with pillow cases in an unlikely accent such as caramel or a pop of Burgundy.
Lastly lighting is everything in the bedroom! think moody and softly lit. You don't need to match your bedside table lamps either, get creative with a long hanging rice paper pendant to one side or one of my favourite floor lamps the Akari 10A lamp by Vitra from Aura objects.
Words by: Rachel Leppinus