Sisal’s Super Power

Made from the Agave sisalana plant, Sisal is a naturally dense fibre that repels dust and allergens giving it the power of durability and versatility combined with a beautiful summer aesthetic. Sisal originated from the high stony regions of Central America and is now grown for harvesting throughout Africa, Brazil, Madagascar and China. 

As our material of choice for more than 30 years, we have decades of experience  working with this beautiful, textured, natural fibre.

Given Sisal’s popularity, versatility and super power to repel dust, dirt and allergens we’ve added four new beautiful Sisal rugs and runners to our natural fibre range. 

Muskett 100% Sisal

The warm, neutral colours of our Muskett rug can easily suit any room of your house. Pair it with any colour furniture and it will look fabulous, guaranteed! The small, tight weave also make it suitable for all furniture, especially dining room chairs with thin legs, that can easily slide across the surface without getting stuck.

The "flat-boucle" weave style of the Muskett range provides a luxe and stylish texture that is warm, inviting and effortlessly cool. 

Sandstone 100% Sisal

Our Sandstone is one of our lightest coloured sisals, meaning it's incredibly easy to style. It's size and style of weave are the same as our classic Driftwood with a tight-style weave that prevents indentations making it incredibly versatile.

Stipple 100% Sisal

Featuring the lovely warm colours of sisal, interwoven with threads of grey/brown sisal, our Stipple rug will add interest to any room you place it in. This rug is very versatile and can suit any room of your house - from the dining room to the outdoor decking.

French for "curled", the flat boucle weave style of our Stipple range creates a cosy, tactile finish that is growing increasingly popular with interior stylists and home owners alike. 

Rustic 100% Sisal

Our Rustic is one of our warmest-coloured rugs and offsets nicely against cool, dark and bright coloured accents. It adds a layer of warmth to any room you place it in and it's tight-style weave make it perfect for homes with allergies and asthma.

With 13 different Sisal weaves in our handwoven range, there's a Sisal rug that's perfect for your home or office. View the range online now or book a style consultation today.