Lilas Wool Rug

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Lilas Wool & jute blend

The epitome of laid back luxury! Featuring 3cm knot size - our largest most plush style weave. Named after the Lily of the Valley flower, this rug is just gorgeous to look at. The material is made from plush New Zealand wool entwined with a light brown, silvery jute.

- Ribbed style of weave

- 3 cm size of each knot

- 2.5 cm thickness

- 3.5 cm thickness with underlay

Finish options:

  - Selvedge and tuck with latex backing 

   - Folded edges with underfelt backing

 For more information on these rug finishes, check out our Style page 


Remember, this is a wool product, and moths unfortunately love wool, so please vacuum your Lilas Rug regularly and make sure to check it every 6 months - 1 year for any signs of moths. It might be appropriate to spray your rug with a moth repellent. We recommend the Hovex brand, which you can purchase at Bunnings.

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